Playing With Contrast

After taking a lovely walk in the snow this weekend, I found this neat shot of a leaf I found all by itself on top of the snow, and decided to play around with the contrast, as it can give a nice, sharp, clean look to some photos that make it stand out (in a good way).

Here is the original photo as taken on my camera.  Notice the colors are a little neutral, and nothing seems to make this photo “pop”.  All the qualities are there, it has a softer look about it, but it needs just a little extra something…..

Leaf In Snow HC (original)

Here is the photo in color with a higher contrast than the original. See how the leaf seems to stand out a bit more, and the colors more vibrant? :

Leaf In Snow High Contrast

And here is the same photo with HC in B&W:

Leaf In Snow BW High Contrast

I cannot decide which I like better, as I find equally neat characteristics in both photos that make them each unique……..

Which is YOUR favorite?

The original, the high contrast in color, or the HC in B&W?


Miss Antoinette

PS. I use Adobe Lightroom for my photo editing and highly recommend this to any of my photography friends! HERE is the latest version of the software (I currently use Lightroom 2).


2 thoughts on “Playing With Contrast

  1. They’re both beautiful to be sure! I’d have to say I like the color one best this time, though I do love black and white photos. 🙂 I always enjoy your posts; they’re very inspiring!

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