Day 6- A BIG Surprise!

Tucker 1

Ok, so today’s theme was supposed to be “Looking Up” for day 6 of my February Photo Challenge, but I got the biggest, most precious surprise today that I thought I could bend the rules of this photography challenge for today. 🙂

Meet my sweet new puppy Tucker!

He is a Beagle/Australian Shepherd mix, and love him to pieces already!

Tucker 2

Just look at those puppy eyes. *heart melts*

I am blessed beyond words at the moment, and am so happy to have a spunky, yippee, and playful little friend and look forward to watching him grow and hopefully train him to be a great guard dog and porch dweller on our homestead.  🙂

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”

~James 1:17~


8 thoughts on “Day 6- A BIG Surprise!

  1. *The story behind the surprise*: As I was preparing lunch for my brother (Andrew) this morning and packing it away for him to take to work, he said his goodbyes and left forgetting his lunch.
    Mother and I went to go take it to him and while dropping it off he mentions he has something for us to take home. Leading us to a back room, I notice our dog carrier with this sweet little face inside, and right away knew we had a new puppy…..little did I know that this adorable puppy was MINE, and the whole “leaving his lunch” was part of the plan he had cooked up over a week ago! haha

    The rest of my family was in on this too and I was completely shocked!
    I still cannot believe this little guy is my very own sweet little puppy.

    I feel so blessed. What an amazing surprise from my wonderful family.
    THANK YOU ANDREW!!!! *hugs*

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