More Feathered Friends


Baby Chicks

What a blessing to have some new little beauties growing up in our mud room once again! 🙂

These little ladies are 3 week old Rhode Island Reds and Red Star pullets!

Our family is looking forward to more fresh eggs in the months to follow.

Good things come to those who wait, right? 🙂

PS. Sorry if the quality is not as good as some of my other photos….this one was taken from my phone. Hoping to get some with my brother’s DSLR soon!


One thought on “More Feathered Friends

  1. The darker feathered chicks are the Rhode Island Reds, and the light feathered ones are the Red Star (Sex-Link).

    *Note: the term “Sex-Link” means you can tell males from females by the coloring of their feathers. 🙂

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