My Buddy Tucker

Tucker Buddy 2


Tucker Buddy 1

Where has the time gone!?

At almost 6 months, this little guy is not so little anymore.  He is always full of energy and ready to get into mischief (this usually involves chasing chickens), playing fetch with his Frisbee, going on walks in the woods or field (while I tend to the sheep), or just hanging out with my family and I on the porch.

He. LOVES. People.

He certainly is a handful at times, but I love him to pieces.

I know the Lord gives us some things to teach us character building, be it patience, forbearance, faithfulness, trust, etc., and I know the Lord gave me Tucker to refine many of these things that I thought I already had.

I just love those times of sanctification…and this one happens to be in the bundle of a cute canine companion. 🙂

Till next time y’all!

Miss Antoinette Joy


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