A Country Woman’s Pleasure

 MO Sunrise


“A little sapling raised from seed,

A fenced-in yard where she can feed

A flock of yellow ducklings there,

A quiet barnyard broad and square

With a wide watering trough and well,

An old cow with a dented bell.

A country woman has a sense

Of home within a sturdy fence

This house and barn, this bit of land

Is something she can understand

As being part of all she knows,

A garden patch, a budding rose.

The pasture is a fragrant place,

of meadow rue and Queen Anne’s Lace

A little stream that wanders by

Reflecting quiet bits of sky

Where little newborn things can run

And kick their heels against the sun.

She knows the newly seeded field

Will bring one day its precious yield 

of ripened corn or golden golden grain

In answer to the sun and rain.

And all is part of her somehow–

The furrowed field, the scented mow.

Her simple pleasures and her toil,

Are rooted deep in country soil.”

~by Edna Jaques~


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