Summer Adventures – Wheat

Dry Wheat 3

You might remember my post about growing our coming harvest of wheat earlier this year.  Well, our summer was packed full of exciting adventures, which left me to post this update now while we enter the Autumn season and our outdoor activities slow down a bit.

First off, I would like to direct you to my father’s post on our family blog HERE to find out how our venture went with embarking on this patch of wheat over the hot summer months.  It is well worth the read, and truly was a good, character-building experience that we hope to try again next year Lord willing, learning from our mistakes and refining our skills.

Being so busy with helping, I did not get step-by-step photos, as my hands were occupied with bundling wheat and threshing, but I hope you enjoy what I was able to take of the first cuts of the harvest, and the finished product!

Now for the photos of the lovely harvest!

Here is a view of our 1/3 of an acre we planted, drying and just about ready to harvest!

Dry Wheat 1


When it is time to harvest, the heads of wheat droop like in the picture below.  It was such a beautiful sight seeing so much wheat, and being able to pick a few heads, and chew some of the grain as I would walk the field each day, waiting for it’s time of harvest…..oh what a treat that was!

Dry Wheat 2

Certain angles of the wheat, and how it is formed, make it look like an insect of some kind!

How interesting is that!?

Dry Wheat 4

 Daddy working so very hard to harvest the wheat before the weeds take over.  We did everything by hand, so he cut all of it with what he has in his hand called a “Scythe”.  It can give you quite the workout without ever stepping foot in a gym!

Come to think of it….this farm IS our very own personalized gym, suited to our needs! 🙂

Dry Wheat 5

The days worked on this patch of land were hot, humid, sweaty, and drove our muscles to their max under the harsh summer sun, but it was all well worth the hard work for the rewards of learning how to grow wheat, prepare it, thresh it, and sift it to see the beautiful grains hidden in these thousands of golden heads of wheat.

Dry Wheat 6

To us, these few grains from our harvest are precious, and well earned!  The rest ended up being eaten by bugs, chickens, and the like, but we were able to save this bucket for our own personal use to make things like……

Wheat Grain


This delightful treat never tasted so good!

Wheat Cookies

So, though we may not have had the ideal experience with wheat, we still saw the fruit of our labors, got a “taste” of how it is done, and look forward to the chance to try again, and maybe enjoy more than just a few batches of cookies, but maybe a few loaves of bread and then some!

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

~Romans 8:28~

A Fellow Servant of Christ,

Miss Antoinette


One thought on “Summer Adventures – Wheat

  1. The lesson is the most important aspect right now!! I planted a garden… and have learned alot in just planting it. So much more to gardening outside of southern California, like frost, snow, seasons. Gives you a whole different attitude about where your food comes from!!! What a true blessing for your family to have this opportunity. Your photos are wonderful, you did a really great job of getting the whole perspective! God Bless you Antoinnette

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