Changes Are Afoot!


Howdy dear readers!

A lot has been going on as of late, and am sooooo happy to announce some BIG changes coming to this web-site which I am looking forward to, and cannot wait to see how the Lord uses this new chapter of this blog.

My hope and prayer is that it will continue to be a source of encouragement and inspiration to y’all, even in these new changes and yes, even a new look to the site will soon follow.

The Lord has really been placing on my heart to start blogging again. Through much prayer and encouragement from some of you dear readers,  I am going in a different direction than just photography… After a long season of illness and reflecting on what others needs are (not just my own), I feel like the Lord is changing directions for this blog, in sharing more of my thoughts on farm life and what the Lord has been teaching me in His Word during these seasons of sickness, loneliness, singleness, and all the blessed lessons they have been teaching me, along with the happening farm adventures and joyful abundant living in the country!  Photos will still be shared to be sure, but it will supplement the post, and not always be the main focal point of my posts.

So what will the new name of this blog be?   “Hillbilly Blossom” seemed VERY appropriate, as the Lord has grown me in so many ways since moving to the backwoods of Kentucky, I feel like I am “blooming” where God has planted me here as a faithful daughter of the King…a city gal gone hillbilly, living the dream my family and I have prayed about for so long and have been greatly blessed since beginning this venture over 4 years ago!

So be keeping an eye out for new changes that are afoot in my little piece of the blogosphere world. 🙂

“So we Thy people and sheep of Thy pasture will give Thee thanks for ever: we will shew forth Thy praise to all generations.

~Psalm 79:13~

Blessings in Christ,

Miss Antoinette

***PS. Note to subscribers of my blog: You will not have to do anything as far as re-subscribing goes during the transition, because all I am doing is changing the name and URL/domain name to this website, and you should continue to receive your post update emails to my blog as usual, they will just have the new blog name “Hillbilly Blossom” and no longer “Antoinette Joy Photography”.***

To any newcomers: please feel free to follow this blog via email by visiting my “About” page to sign up!  🙂






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