Christ Is Enough For Me

​”When life feels as though we can’t bear the weight

Those days when it seems it is too much to take,

Though the road may be long, our faith is made strong when we can hold on,

Christ is enough for me.

You may be sick, alone, and afraid

Or maybe just worried about the next day,

No matter the cares, no matter the stress, there is One you can run to and leave it there,

Christ is enough for me

So when you feel storms rising deep within

And it seems as though it will pull you in,

Remember the cost, that He died on the cross, and we can with a clear voice, say

Christ is enough for me!” 
(Written by yours truly) 


4 thoughts on “Christ Is Enough For Me

  1. That was beautiful Annie, and very timely. We can appreciate those comforting words during these troubling times. Thank you for sharing your poem. You are a talented lady!

  2. Hi Annie,That is a beautiful poem you wrote.  Thanks for sharing!  I miss you and welcome you and your Mom to stop by and see us sometime.  I was disappointed it did not work out the other week.  call and let me know when you two want to come again.Love,Kim Hughes

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