God’s World In Black And White – Day 7

  This week has flown by so fast! I have greatly enjoyed sharing with you, dear readers, small glimpses into our Saviors beautiful creation through this series of black and white photos. My hope and prayer is that this week’s posts have left you in awe of His awesome handiwork, even in the simplest of […]

God’s World In Black And White – Day 5

“The spiritual mind, fond of soaring through nature in quest of new proofs of God’s existence and fresh emblems of His wisdom, power and goodness–exults in the thought that it is his Father’s domain which he treads! He feels that God, his God, is there. And the sweet consciousness of His all-pervading presence, and the […]

God’s World In Black And White – Day 2

The beauty of a snail…yes it is possible to see beauty even in this slimy little creature. God’s creation is amazing, even in what we see as the simplest, least desirable creatures of His making, as the detail on such a critter, has remarkable order and design. Our Creator never makes anything without a chief purpose, […]

God’s World In Black and White – Day 1

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! To start off this new year, I thought it would be fun to share a photo every day for one week (except Sunday), but not just show my usual bright and colorful photos of God’a creation, but these ones would show the beauty of things seen in black and white. Sometimes there […]